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We would love your help! 

Renew the 'I do" thrives with you! 
Our volunteers and partners help us share our mission. 
Join us!

Six Ways to Get Involved in RTID!!

Get involved
Marriage Mentoring
Become a
Marriage Mentor

Be-friend an engaged couple throughout their marriage preparation journey and into the early years of their marriage.  


Guide and pray for them through their wedding day.  We will train you and pair you with a great couple!

Host a Renewal of Vows Mass at Your Parish

It was the love and feedback we received after hosting a Renewal of Vows Mass that inspired our foundation!  Bring one of the most meaningful and special ways to celebrate and renew marriages into your parish community! 
Host a Renewal of Vows Mass in your parish!  Download the How To Manual and we will help you!

Become Part of Our Thriving Speaker Community for Marriage Preparation Weekends

We need your imperfect marriage! As a couple, share your wisdom, passion and experience with engaged couples preparing for marriage. Your insight and stories are invaluable and just what soon-to-be couples want to hear.  Contact us; we'll provide on-going training to prepare you. 

mother daughter.jpeg
Host a Mother/Daughter
'Discover your Superpower’ evening in your home

 Inspire your daughter and her friends to ‘Discover their Superpower’ by hosting a girls night. We will empower 8th-12th grade girls and their moms with the healthy science of how their periods are good and their bodies strong and amazing! ​We want our daughters to appreciate that they are masterpieces God created!

Study Groups
Become a '5 Step Prep' Facilitator to
an engaged couple

We need your imperfect marriage! "5 Step Prep" is an additional marriage prep experience personalized for each engaged couple.  Couples are paired with a trained facilitator to walk with them through five meaningful steps. Let us train and support you in this enriching experience. 

Start a ‘Marriage Club' in your parish 
  • Plan creative date nights for your parish couples.

  • Plan a ‘Renewal of Vows’ Mass at your parish

  • Host Small Group Couples Dinners

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