About Renew the 'I do'

Renew the ‘I do’ Foundation was inspired after Father Jay Donahue, Arlene Milon and Drew Martier hosted a special Renewal of Vows Mass at St. Mary’s of the Assumption Parish in Glenshaw, PA. The amazing feedback they received was the spark that started this foundation.  Our team is passionate about the beauty of the journey to a thriving marriage.
Renew the ‘I do’ offers unique Pittsburgh date nights, quality marriage preparation, renewal of vows Masses, and modern fertility care classes.  We also gather and promote the most important research, articles and resources from partner institutes studying marriage and family within today’s culture. We are always striving for effective ways to inspire couples through each season of marriage.   Join us on our journey! 


Our Team

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Our Founder


Father John "Jay" F. Donahue

“He Leadeth Me! My goal in life is to let the love of the Lord lead me. My family and friends and my vocation to the priesthood are the greatest gifts I have received. I hope that each day is an opportunity to spread the love of Christ in all that I do.”


Father Jay, inspired by the Catholic marriage of his own parents and grandparents, founded Renew the 'I do' in 2015.

Learn more about Father Jay's initiatives and inspirations and/or find out how to connect with him by visiting his website: FatherJay.org

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Arlene Milon

Co-Founder & Executive Director

"Nothing is more soul enriching to me than spending quality time with my family.  My faith is my rock and my light. Quality women’s health, nutrition and fitness are my passion. I am trusting the Holy Spirit to help me inspire others and lead this amazing team."

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The Milon Family

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Ashley Dillon

Program Director

"Helping couples build a strong foundation for marriage is my passion! Working with our fabulous speaker team to enlighten couples to the beauty of the sacrament is what excites me. My own young marriage is blessed with a deep trust to be open to what God has in store for us." 


The Dillons


Drew Martier

Event & Partnership Director

"I love to inspire couples through my music.  Seeing couples connect in a way they haven’t in a while is what drives my passion for this foundation. I am blessed to have been raised in a lively, large, musical family with parents who are still happily married after 67 years."

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The Martier Family

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Dolores Shipe

Director of Married Life

"I have been preparing engaged couples to receive the sacrament of marriage for the past 20 years! Not only does each couple inspire me in some way, but I am also reminded of the beauty of God’s work in bringing a new couple together.  I truly love what I do! "

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The Shipe Family

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John Frederick 

Marketing & Events Manager 

"What a blessing to be able to use my talents to promote happy, holy, and healthy marriages! My dream is for everyone to rediscover the beauty of the Sacrament of Matrimony so the culture may be transformed through the faithful and fruitful witness of husbands and wives." 

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The Fredericks


Sylvia Gaudelli

Office Manager

"God is the center of my life and I am truly blessed with a beautiful family and wonderful husband. I feel so fortunate to be using my skills and German efficiency to enrich married life for couples through my work at this wonderful foundation.  I love being a key part of this team."

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The Gaudelli Family


Hannah Basinger

Modern Fertility Care Coach 

"I am so excited to be working with this amazing foundation alongside others with missionary hearts seeking to bring others into union with God and His plan for life, love, and human dignity."


The Basingers


Ellen Wilson

Director of Behavioral Health

“I love the Lord, and am passionate about lifting up healthy and holy marriages. It's such a gift to be able to walk with husbands and wives as they become better versions of themselves!”

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The Wilsons

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Fr. Jason Charron

Spiritual Advisor

“I am passionate about sharing God’s truth and love with those who suspect it the least.”

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The Charron Family

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Fr. Adam Potter

Spiritual Advisor

"How amazing that the Holy Spirit has led me to this wonderful team of people so passionate about marriage!  I am truly blessed to meet and speak to so many engaged couples on their marriage journey. I hope to inspire each of them to live out the sacrament of marriage as beautifully as God intended."

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The Potter Family