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Need Some Extra Support?

Marriage is a long, winding, beautiful road. It may be bumpy at the start and you may run into unexpected challenges. It’s okay to ask for guidance.


Our In-House Marriage Support Team

We care about your marriage!  Please reach out to set up a meeting.

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Soul Therapy
  with Fr. Jason Charron

Fr. Jason is a married Ukrainian Catholic priest. He and Halyna are blessed with 7 children and have been married for 22 years.


He believes the ancient prayers of the Church remind us that Jesus Christ is the physician of our soul and body--He desires us fully alive and happy.


Learn how to successfully overcome past wounds through the practical advice of the saints, the strength of the sacraments, and accountability in the spiritual disciplines. 

Fr. Jason will help reinvigorate your spiritual life, leading to a fully alive marriage.


Please contact Fr. Jason to arrange a private meeting.

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Renew the 'I do' refers couples seeking extra help to Samaritan, offering teletherapy and appointments at 11 offices in Western PA.

Samaritan's Couples Counseling will reveal and address the issues causing your “stuck pattern” and will help you to find solutions to restore your relationship. Whether you’ve reached a crisis due to infidelity, parenting issues, or financial hardship—or you’ve found yourselves unable to enjoy doing things together like you used to, Samaritan can help.

RTID resources

Additional Support Services


Carla J. Sandy, MPA, LCSW  

Carla has been a resource for Renew the ‘I do’ couples for over five years. She helps those who suffer with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain.  She offers compassionate care that helps couples heal and gives them hope. 


Lawrence Badaczewski, LSW

Larry has helped several of our couples navigate their journey and has also spoken at local parishes on managing conflict and communication. Set up an appointment with Larry in his Cranberry Twp office on 215 Executive Drive (724) 776-5690


Suggested External Programs and Resources


Susan Petnuch
at Pittsburgh Doula Network

New and pregnant moms need love and support.  Susan has been a Doula working with women in many capacities for two decades. The network of experienced doulas are knowledgeable in newborn care, postpartum recovery, breast and bottle feeding, family support, and most importantly – Mothercare.  

Catholic Counselors2.png

Catholic Counselors 

Whether you want to create a more intimate and godly marriage, celebrate a more faithful and fulfilling family life, or discover the path to a more grace-filled personal life, the Catholic Counselors at Pastoral Solutions Institute can help strengthen and support you on your spiritual and emotional journey!

Beginning Experience (1).png

Beginning Experience

Their purpose is to facilitate the grief resolution process for separated, divorced, and widowed persons, and children of these losses, thereby enabling them to again love themselves, others, and God. 


After Abortion Care

BREATHE'S healing groups and 1 to 1 mentoring sessions are a safe place to speak about your past.  If abortion is part of your story, we understand and can help. 

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Retrouvaille – A Lifeline for Married Couples 

This is a program to help couples heal and renew their hurting marriages.

CatholicPsych Institute .png

CatholicPsych Institute 

Their mission is to provide services and resources based on the integration of faithful Catholic anthropology with sound psychological science to help people become who God created them to be.

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Lifeline of Friends Listening

Bereavement Support Groups.  If the loss of a spouse, a close friend, or a child is weighing you down, it can be good to join a group...a group that understands...a group that can help you regain your footing and move forward. 

Rachels Vinyard pic.png

Rachel's Vineyard
of Pittsburgh

Traditionally, the silent suffering of an abortion has been a well-kept secret. The unresolved grief and loss can weigh heavily on a person’s heart and well-being. Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh offers a weekend retreat to help women and men address the painful issues associated with abortion and find forgiveness, healing, and peace. 


Institute for Marital Healing 

The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is growth in spousal self-knowledge and in the good habits that can strengthen Catholic marriages.

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Surviving Divorce 

There's no such thing as "Catholic divorce" but the bad news is Catholics do civilly divorce. We're here to help, and to encourage healing through the Sacraments where you'll personally encounter Christ—with all His love and tender mercies. And that's the REALLY good news.

The Human Condition .png

The Human Condition

This organization strives to cultivate hope, healing and conversation through the integration of faith and mental health. The Human Condition strives to rewrite the false narrative that spirituality and psychology are mutually exclusive. 


Recovering from Pornography Addiction

Porn addiction is a behavioral disorder where a person is emotionally dependent on pornography.  The disease is debilitating and interferes with a person’s relationships, responsibilities, and ability to function.


Recommended Books and Articles

Have a Question/Need Additional Support?

If you have any questions about the above resources or need more help getting a resource please email us at or complete the form below. 

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