Upcoming Marriage Preparation Weekends:

August 7-9th, 2020

Beauty Shoppe Arsenal Motors

Pittsburgh, PA

October 23rd-25th, 2020

St. Joseph Parish

O'Hara Township

January 29th-31st, 2021
Saints John and Paul Parish

Sewickley, PA

Text "renewtheido" to 84576

5 Week Thursday Evening Series

Feb. 25, March 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2021

Beauty Shoppe Arsenal Motors

Pittsburgh, PA

April 16th-18th, 2021
St. Benedict the Abbot

McMurray, PA


Dear Newly Engaged Couple,


Congratulations on your engagement! It brings me great joy and you can count on the prayers  and support of our Foundation for a happy and joy-filled marriage.

On behalf of Renew the I do, I want to provide you with the tools and training that can assist you in experiencing a truly happy marriage and thriving in love! Today’s culture of non-commitment will put stress on any healthy Christian Marriage, which is why this marriage preparation program is so important.


Our Marriage Preparation emphasizes the importance of preparing for the many years of marriage that follow the wedding day. This includes preparing couples in a year long journey to discern their call to marriage, to learn what “I do” truly means, to pray together, and to practice key marriage skills.  


Alive in Christ,

Fr. Jay Donahue 

 Prepare for a Joy-Filled Marriage!

"We are so thankful for the opportunities provided to us through  Renew the I do's marriage preparation. Their diverse and dedicated team allowed us to learn and grow in various ways. We reflect back often on the conversations that were sparked through our weekend and utilize the tools we learned in our marriage now. Thank you to everyone at Renew the I do for supporting our marriage." -Dave & Sarah

YOUR MARRIAGE matters and we CARE for the health and success of your marriage;
to not just survive but THRIVE!

The 'Joy-Filled Marriage' weekend which meets the canonical requirements to get married in the church. Our weekend is founded on the Ascension Press curriculum A Joy-Filled Marriage. The Joy-Filled Marriage weekend is led by a diverse and passionate team of speaker couples, balances sound Psychology & Theology, and prepares the couple to understand the Sacrament that they are entering into learning what they are really saying 'I do' to.If you have any questions about the Joy-Filled Weekends you can contact our
Program Director, Ashley Dillon at ashley@renewtheido.org. 

Meet the Joy-Filled Weekend Team

Joe and Meghan Austin

    Joy-Filled Weekends Facilitating Couple

    Pete and Laura Bianco

      Marriage from the Beginning and how Christ Restores

      Jim and Regina Donahue

        Communication and Love Language within Marriage

        John and Maria Hayden

        Building Happiness- time, talent and treasure

        Sean and Emily Hannon

        Sexual honesty before and within Marriage

        Vinny and Christina Costain

        Intimacy and Prayer

        Matt and Jill Kaufman

        To what are you really saying I do to?

        Randy and Lisa Koslosky

        Navigating Infertility in Marriage

        Dave and Maria Phelps

        Organic Married Sex and Baseball

        Mike and Dolores Shipe

        What is Organic Married Sex?

        Teddy and Katie Sweeney

        Marriage, a witness of love and mercy

        Nate and Bethany Wigfield

        Marriage Mission & Role of Virtue 

        PJ and Ashley Dillon

        Joy-Filled Weekends,

        Program Director

        Fr. Adam Potter

        Theology of the Body

        Carla Sandy

        Resolving Conflict in Marriage

        Dan and Christina Gallagher

        Communication and Love Language within Marriage

        Tony and Tina Rossi

        Sexual honesty and Marriage

        Dan and Heidi Flaherty

        Why prayer is important for your Marriage

        View our brochure to learn more about the 'Joy-Filled Marriage' Prep

        5 Step Prep


        A personalized, deeper and additional on-going marriage preparation just for the couple. This does NOT replace the weekend it is done in addition to the weekend. Each couple is paired with one of our trained instructors to guide them through the 5 Step Prep.


        If you have any questions about The 5 Step Prep you can contact our Director of Family Life, Dolores Shipe at dolores@renewtheido.org. 

        What others are saying about

        5 Step Prep:

        "We are so grateful that we had our preparation with Renew the 'I do'!
        We believe it is making us view this hardship so much differently and know that our faith and love

        will overcome this."

        -Anthony & Maria

        Marriage Preparation Inspiration & Resources 


        "Young lovers see a vision of the world redeemed by love."- Wendell Berry


        How to Plan a Catholic Wedding

        July 13, 2020

        It can be overwhelming and very exciting to plan your wedding. This article provides a simple but easy checklist of priorities with ease in planning your wedding day. Which will be a very beautiful memory that you will cherish forever, and the sacrament will be the source of many graces that will strengthen your marital bond throughout your life. Inevitably, some things will not go to plan. Remember, though, that the day is not about perfection, but about the sacrament, and the celebration of your love.



        July 13, 2020

        You said your vows, had a beautiful wedding, and now, it’s your wedding night.


        While the Church may provide us with a spiritual and theological understanding of marriage, there are some, let’s say, more “practical” aspects of a couple’s first night together and subsequent attempts at “renewing their vows” that no one in the Church ever quite talks about.

        Enter Hollywood, where “the deed” occurs seamlessly, effortlessly, and with a fantasy-like quality, whereas the actual, lived experience is far more raw, funny, and intimate than it ever appears on screen. In real life, there are no makeup artists, lighting and sound specialists, body doubles, or crews of people to assist the moment.

        Fortunately, we do have grace, humor, and patience. I therefore suggest, with humility, the following seven tips for your real Catholic wedding night, which I will explain by way of the following metaphor:

        In real life, there are no makeup artists, lighting and sound specialists, body doubles, or crews of people to assist the moment. Fortunately, we do have grace, humor, and patience.

        Research Reveals the Secret to “Happily Ever After”

        April Eldemire, LMFT

        January 26, 2016

        If you think the way to eternal love is through grand gestures of romance and passion, think again. Sure, love poems, romantic getaways, and surprise flowers are all wonderful for keeping your relationship happy, but the true secret lies in the small, every day moments.

        Remember those first few months of dating? 

        Read More by clicking below!

        Getting real about marriage: Jackie & Bobby: Part 1

        Ascension Presents: a video featuring Jackie and Bobby Angel

        September 03, 2015

        PART 1 of 2: Jackie and Bobby Angel share the joys and struggles of marriage. They discuss the everyday experiences that have taught them how to live for each other, and demonstrate how communication and self-sacrifice are the keys to a healthy relationship between a husband and wife.

        Getting real about marriage: Jackie & Bobby: Part 2

        Ascension Presents: a video featuring Jackie and Bobby Angel

        September 12, 2015

        Jackie and Bobby Angel offer their thoughts on marriage, the everyday sacrifice it requires and the ultimate joy it brings.

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