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  • Jackie and Bobby, Ascension Presents

How to Fight Fair

A great deal can be said about a relationship if the two parties involved can’t fight fair.

That’s why Jackie and Bobby argue that arguing isn’t always a bad thing, if you do it well.

They address some common issues that lead to arguments, especially in marriage, like failure to communicate and emasculation, and lay out some guidelines for how to fight fair in your relationships.

1. Don’t avoid conflict.

2. Take time if you need it.

3. Show that you’re listening.

4. Affirm first.

5. Express expectations.

6. Ask for what you need.

7. Use “I feel” statements.

8. Move forward insteading of bringing up the past.

9. Realize it’s not intentional.

10. Forgive.

One last thing to always remember, they say, is that reaching a deeper understanding of each other—whether it’s your friend or spouse—is always worth it, even if the road to that goal is bumpy.


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