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5 Compliments Your Wife Wants to Hear

You don’t have to be a husband very long to know that your words matter. Words can build someone up or tear them down. My wife’s love language is words of affirmation. At best, I can use my words to encourage her. If I’m not careful, I can hurt her. Do you consider this when thinking of compliments for your wife?

Over the years, I’ve learned through mistakes what to say, what not to say, and how to say it. Here are 5 compliments your wife wants to hear, other than “you’re pretty.”

1. “There’s no one I’d rather be married to than you.”

As a husband, it’s vital that you recognize your role in your marriage. You can take the lead and be the Chief Encouragement Officer in your home. You have the power to show your wife love in a specific way, by bringing her mind back to what’s most important—the marriage!

The point here is to encourage your wife in her role as your wife. The days are busy and filled with so many obligations and activities that threaten to distract you from your marriage. By telling her there’s no one you’d rather be married to, you affirm that you still choose her. You make her feel secure in your love for her. Take the lead to keep your marriage front and center with this compliment.

2. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Among the other compliments for your wife, saying this one at the appropriate time can go a long way in encouraging her. Let’s say you honestly couldn’t have finished that graduate degree without your wife. Be specific and tell her as soon as an opportunity strikes.

Now, your wife may ask a deeper question when you give this compliment, so it’ll be helpful to note what led you to think of this compliment. If your wife asks you what made you say it, being specific—as in “I couldn’t have finished that degree without your help with my schedule or helping with the kids”—is helpful. The more specific you can be, the better.

3. “You give the best advice.”

Saying this speaks to your wife’s help and counsel. At the right time, this can be such an uplifting thing to say. It shows you value your wife for more than just her looks.

Now, it’s best to deliver this encouragement after you’ve heard her give advice. The next best time to say it would be to surprise her by saying it and then recalling a time she gave advice and helped you.

4. “Our kids are fortunate to have you as their mom.”

Just like encouraging her in her role as your spouse, appealing to her role as a mother can be powerful. If I know anything, I know moms are often busy, overwhelmed, and wondering if they’re doing what they should be.

Saying this can build your wife up in more ways than you can count. And, unless you have older kids, your wife shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for a compliment from her children! If you don’t compliment her as a mom, it’s likely she won’t get complimented.

5. “I’m proud of you for…”

Often, a better encouragement for your wife than remarking about something physical is to acknowledge her worth. Be specific. So, before you encourage her in this way, be ready with an example of something you are proud of. This will make all the difference to your wife.


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