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Couples Who Inspire Us

Renew the 'I do' Foundation loves to welcome, cheer on, and share the stories of our community of fabulous couples.   

Share your story with us....and let us Cheer You On! 

Carol and Keith

_C + K Loiselle b CIRCLE PIC .png
married 1985

Carol and Keith have been so very generous and supportive of Renew the 'I do’ since the beginning.  We are truly grateful!  They can be seen with their lively, fun group of friends at many date nights. Carol is also a key member of the Modern Fertility Care Collaborative.  She and Keith have passionately championed the mission of helping existing physicians and medical students gain fertility awareness education. Carol and Keith met when she was a medical assistant working in a doctor's office while attending college at night and Keith was a pharmaceutical representative calling on the office where Carol worked. 

"Our favorite part of marriage early on was just being able to be together all the time, both physically and emotionally. Then 11 months later our first of 4 children arrived and our favorite part of marriage was working side by side raising our 4 children. Now our favorite part of marriage is watching our children grow as adults and playing with our grandchildren. 😊

But the very best part of our marriage is growing together in our faith and continually relying on that faith in God to guide and strengthen our marriage through the smooth and rough times."  

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Emily and Nick

married 2019

Emily and Nick met while attending Grove City College in 2015; Emily was a senior and Nick was a junior. Even though Emily was ready to graduate and starting a new relationship was the last thing on her mind, she and Nick instantly hit it off and have been inseparable ever since. 

Emily also posts all of our social media through her own company and is a key asset to the Renew the 'I do' team.

"I think we both agree that our favorite part about our marriage is that we are truly best friends. We just GET each other, we love to spend time together with our daughter (Lucy), and we both try to serve one another each and every day. We both understand that's very important for the health of our marriage."


Christine and Rich

married 1987

Christine and Rich were instrumental in establishing Mary's Place,  a home for pregnant and parenting women that provides support in an environment of reverence and love. Christine and Rich met 38 years ago at Duquesne University and were married four years later.

"The best part of our marriage is that we respect each other’s gifts and talents and are not resentful of our own weaknesses. An example: if you have the gift of finances, you take the lead in that area. 

We're sharing this photo of us on the kayak because we love it!  It's pure joy!." 


Michelle and Paul

married 2019

Michelle and Paul met while working with troubled youth at the Bradley Center.  Paul often noticed Michelle getting on the elevator and finally got up the nerve to ask her out.  They hit it off right away, dated for a year and were married in August 2019.  They welcomed baby Rylee in the spring during COVID lockdown.


"Our favorite part of marriage is the incredible bond that continuously strengthens as we navigate through life as a couple. What we once thought was a connection so deep and powerful that it couldn’t possibly be topped, continues to grow with each day, each shared experience, each up, each down.. bringing us closer together and closer to God than we could have ever imagined. We are so excited to see what he has in store for us in the many years to come."

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