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We need your imperfect marriage!

Renew the ‘I do’ Foundation’s Marriage Sponsor program is in its infancy.  We believe that all young couples could benefit from a mentor/friend/sponsor couple to guide them in their journey through marriage preparation and the early years of marriage.  Hopefully, their bond and friendship would be ongoing through the years.  Our plan is to match engaged couples with more ‘seasoned’ couples to stand together on their marriage journey.  Both couples would of course benefit from this relationship.  We envision couples being matched and introduced to one another early in the marriage preparation program. 

If you are interested in “befriending” an engaged couple or helping us develop this program further , please contact Dolores Shipe at


82% of couples report wanting to have a mentor couple walk with them. Research shows that couples who have marriage mentors are happier and healthier.

When stress, trauma, mental health disorders and life crises become debilitating, we owe it to ourselves and to those we care about to get help. Since 1982, the Samaritan Counseling Center has provided hope and healing to individuals, couples, families, children and various groups through professional counseling and educational programs.

Using the best practice models available and a faith-based approach, Samaritan therapists empower you to achieve spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. We help you gain skills to process through painful challenges and live a healthy, fulfilling life. Serving thousands of Western Pennsylvania residents from multiple locations, the Samaritan Counseling Center is committed to helping you become your best self.

Marriage Counseling

The Samaritan Counseling Center


You Were Made For Greatness.

Only psychology based on the full truth of the human person

will help you get there.

Healing the body, mind, and spirit with psychology you can trust.

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Tele-Counseling Service

We live in an age where technology places the best counseling resources right at your fingertips. For many people, phone consultations provide just the right mix of professionalism, privacy, and convenience. Because you make the call from the comfort of your own home, sessions are completely confidential. Because most tele-clients are highly motivated, you can be assured that our counselors will work hard to make each meeting a dynamic experience for you. And because you will be working step-by-step toward a clearly defined goal, you will be able to monitor your progress week-by-week. A simple phone call could be your first step on a journey to a more rewarding, more fulfilling life.​

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Whether you want to create a more intimate and godly marriage, celebrate a more faithful and fulfilling family life, or discover the path to a more grace-filled personal life, the Catholic Counselors at Pastoral Solutions Institute can help strengthen and support you on your spiritual and emotional journey!

Martial Healing

A Resource for

Catholic Marriages

The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is to strengthen Catholic marriages and families by educating spouses, marital therapists and clergy about common causes of conflicts in marital self-giving and effective approaches to alleviating such conflicts. Through a combination of online resources, educational programs and publications, the Institute employs a time-tested approach to marital therapy that recognizes the importance of both science and faith in the process of marital healing.

We provide an empirically proven approach for resolving marital anger, the most common conflict which leads couples to seek marriage counseling. We demonstrate a sensitivity to the Catholic faith of couples and show how their faith can assist them in the strengthening of their marriages.

Martial Healing offers in-person, over the phone, skype and face time session options. To find out more information or set up session please email them at:

You can visit their website for more information and education on many topics by clicking Visit the Website box. 


Upcoming Pittsburgh Weekend Dates:

  • Sep 11, 2020

"Retrouvaille” is a French word meaning “rediscovery.” This weekend program (with follow-up meetings) is designed for couples with troubled marriages, including those who are separated or divorced and looking to reunite. It begins with a weekend experience in which husbands and wives are helped to reestablish communication and to gain new insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple.  The Denver Retrouvaille Community believes that every marriage, a union of one man and one woman, deserves the opportunity to survive, be healed and thrive as a covenant of life & love.

The Retrouvaille Program is for Married Couples Facing Difficult Challenges in their Relationship

  • A Marriage program that helps couples restore their marriage and rebuild a loving relationship.

  • A Christian marriage program, Catholic in origin, where couples of all faiths or no faith background are encouraged to attend.

  • Primarily a practical program to improve communication, build stronger marriages, and help couples reconnect.

  • Presenters are not trained marriage counselors, but rather couples sharing their personal stories of marital struggles and the tools they used to rediscover their love.




Beginning Experience

Loss of a Spouse  

The purpose of the Beginning Experience ministry is to facilitate the grief resolution process for separated, divorced and widowed persons, and children of these losses, thereby enabling them to again love themselves, others and God. We accomplish the purpose by offering quality, copyrighted, grief resolution programs presented by trained peer ministers. These programs are designed to move grieving people through a transformational process to a new beginning in their lives.


We believe that through resolving the grief of a significant loss:


  • Individuals participate in the death and resurrection of Christ as he lives in the world today;

  • Those working through this experience can effectively walk with others for whom the experience is new and hard; and that

  • The invitation to recover offers an opportunity for transforming one’s life, and for freeing individuals to love self, others and God in new and deeper ways.

Surviving Divorce

Healing After Divorce
Experience New Life!

Let's face it . . . marriage and family continue to be under attack in our culture, and divorce is just one of the symptoms. Our hearts and homes have been invaded by epidemic selfishness, widespread addictions, drugs, depression, divorce, and even despair.  Is there hope?  Yes! That’s the good news of our Catholic Faith.

We don't encourage or endorse divorce--we simply know it exists and we want to help. The SURVIVING DIVORCE program was created to offer specific books, DVDs, websites, and other timely media to help in the healing of the human family.  Regardless of where you are after a divorce or separation, we’ll help you and your family find answers to the questions you have. Our products can help restore fullness of health, life, and joy to every family. That’s our promise!

The SURVIVING DIVORCE program was written and co-produced by Rose Sweet, an expert on divorce issues and a frequent guest on national radio and television programs. It's designed primarily as a 12-week PARISH PROGRAM (check the "Find a Parish Group" Tab for a parish near you), but the DVDs are also available for individual purchase and use.