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Marriage Mentors 
Get a mentor or befriend a couple!

 We believe that all couples could benefit from a mentor/friend/sponsor couple to guide them in their journey through marriage preparation and the early years of marriage.  Hopefully, their bond and friendship would be ongoing through the years.  Our plan is to match engaged couples with more ‘seasoned’ couples to stand together on their marriage journey.  Both couples would of course benefit from this relationship.  We envision couples being matched and introduced to one another early in the marriage preparation program. If you would like a mentor for your marriage contact Dolores today.

Befriend and engaged couple ... We need your imperfect marriage!

If you are interested in “befriending” an engaged couple or helping us develop this program further , please contact Dolores Shipe at


85% of the engaged couples we prepare request to be paired with a mentor couple.
Please consider walking with a new couple during their engagement and early years of marriage.
We will start mentor training next month!  Any questions please contact Dolores at


Mentor training dates: Next training TBD. Interested? please contact Dolores Shipe. 



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Humanae Vitae?

"Married life has to be renewed every day.  I prefer wrinkled families, wounded, scarred, but that keep on loving."

~Pope Francis