• Cynthia Nathan

Why is Pre-Marriage Education Course a Good Idea?

Hello everyone, I’m Cynthia Nathan, Relationship Counsellor and Marriage and Relationship Educator at 3R Counselling. My work in the Pre-Marriage Education sector began after a number of years working in the Post-Separation and Divorce sector. It suddenly dawned upon me that…… what if couples were given some guidelines, preparation, skills and tools, at the beginning of their journey into marriage that could hopefully prevent the demise of their relationship in the future? That was the beginning of my calling to look into this very positive and strength based approach of the Pre-Marriage Education Course. I’m very passionate about this work I do and have since met hundreds of couples who have come in to do this wonderful program.

Stop! And take a moment to think about this……we prepare for most things in our lives, our driver’s license, sitting for exams, running a marathon, job interviews, careers and the likes. So why not for our marriage? Marriage is truly a significant relationship in sharing our lives with another individual for the next 20, 30 or maybe even 50 years! Marriage is also one of life’s biggest transitions going from ‘me to us.’ Hence, the Pre – Marriage Education Courses are vital for helping us build a strong foundation for our journey into marriage and beyond.

Relationships are never easy as we are two separate individuals with different ideas and opinions coming together in the partnership of marriage, more so in today’s digital world, it’s become even more complex as well as crossing boundaries of culture, religion and backgrounds. Therefore, seeing a Relationship Counsellor to help guide you and your partner in a Pre – Marriage Education Course prior to getting married can be an excellent way to prepare you for the journey of marriage, parenting and beyond by getting equipped because life happens!

Marriage is a momentous decision, so let Pre- Marriage Education be the first step before you say “I do.”

Statistics show that on average 1 in 3 couples in Australia end up in divorce. We are well aware that a Wedding takes a day but a Marriage lasts a lifetime. Therefore, the essential tool is simply a Pre- Marriage Education Course which helps take you from the big day to the bigger picture!

I might also add that in the long run, it may help to prevent domestic violence which is an endemic in Australia at this moment. This is because in Pre- Marriage Education, various lenses are used to help couples understand their core needs and where they are coming from based on their upbringings etc.

Taking a Pre- Marriage Education Course is truly an ‘act of love’, and a gift that keeps on giving for years to come in your marriage, focusing on all the important aspects of the various ages and stages of your married life.

What does a Pre-Marriage Education Course involve?

  • Learn healthy communication skills and how to listen and understand your differences in a loving way that helps protect the emotional bond and connection in your relationship even when you disagree.

  • The skills and tools learnt will help you prevent distress and relationship breakdowns in the future.

  • Special tailored made sessions to suit your unique couple relationship based upon its strength and growth areas.

  • A specialised program designed by experts in the industry with over 40 years of research, evidence and science –based methods.

  • An invitation to discuss topics that you never thought to discuss about before, all in a safe, supportive and positive environment.

Pre-Marriage Education Course, SO much to gain, nothing to lose! One of the best small investments you will ever make for your marriage.

Who is it suitable for?

  • All couples are welcome with no discrimination.

What does the program include?

  • Flexible appointments to fit around your busy lifestyles

  • 3x private 2-hour sessions which are tailor made to your relationship strength & growth areas.

  • Couple online assessment and workbooks

  • Additional reading material to support further knowledge on the topics discussed.

  • Courses are available in both faith and non-faith based options to suit every couple’s needs.

So come on in and explore, embrace and enrich your loving relationship together as you prepare for a strong, happy and mighty marriage!

Many couples have given feedback that they have felt much closer to their partners, gained a deeper understanding of each other and have felt more confident about entering married life together after taking the course.

Worldwide over 5million couples have done this Pre-Marriage Education Course since it began in 1979. Over that time more than 250 000 Australian couples have participated in this program and have reported increased levels of satisfaction, joy and fulfilment from all that married life has to offer compared to those who didn’t take the time to do it. So come on! Even if you have missed doing it and been married a few years now or divorced and entering a new marriage, NOW is the perfect time to do it.

One of the best decisions you’d ever make in your lifetime next to your marriage is doing a Pre-Marriage Education Course to equip you for this adventurous journey ahead.

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