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Engaged and Newlywed Couples

Effects of Cohabitation on Men and Women

American College of Pediatricians

March 02, 2015

ABSTRACT: Contrary to the current perception of many adolescents and young adults who view cohabitation as a substitute for marriage or as a stepping stone to a more secure marriage, studies show that cohabiting unions are more likely to dissolve than marriages and that marriages preceded by cohabitation are more likely to dissolve than marriages that were not preceded by cohabitation.  Cohabiting unions are more likely to involve infidelity and also more likely to involve violence.  Furthermore, children, whether born prior to, during, or after parental cohabitation, are at increased risk for negative sequelae including premature birth, school failure, lower education, more poverty during childhood and lower incomes as adults, more incarceration and behavior problems, single parenthood, medical neglect and chronic health problems both medical and psychiatric, more substance, alcohol and tobacco abuse, and child abuse.  Cohabiting women are also more likely to choose to end their child’s life prior to birth. 

Then Baby Makes Three

Gary Chapman and Shannon Warden

July 25, 2016

"Some time ago, a young man sat in my office and said, “I’ve lost my wife.” “Do you mean she’s left you?” I asked.

“Oh no, nothing like that. I mean that our baby’s become the center of her life. It’s like she is now a mother instead of a wife. I know the baby takes much of her energy, but how do we keep our marriage alive? I really do feel like I’ve lost my wife.”

The reality is,  after you have a child, your marriage will not thrive on autopilot. But don’t buy into the idea “there is just no time for us!”

Marriages either grow or regress. They never stand still. If you decide now to prioritize your marriage, you will do your child a great service.

Through years of counseling hundreds of couples, we’ve learned some things on how couples can grow their marriage after a baby comes."

Check out their tips!

Seven Tips for the First Seven Years

Ron Edmondson

May 19, 2018

"Years six through eight of marriage are often the most difficult. So many marriages seem to fail in the seventh year. I have lost count of the couples who are struggling—and ready to call it quits—just a few years into the marriage.

The better you learn to communicate, the stronger your marriage will be.

That’s why it makes sense to protect your marriage during those years.

The way your marriage starts helps to protect its long-term health. I believe the attention we place on new marriages in our churches is critically important."

Check out the 7 tips!

Why Sexual Intimacy Is so Important for Newlyweds

Rachael Pace

July 27, 2018

"Getting married is an exciting time. If you want to strengthen your marriage for years to come, start by giving special attention to your sex life.

As newlyweds, you probably don’t think you need advice on how to keep things hot and heavy in your marriage. But physical pleasure aside, there are many emotional and physical benefits to having a regular, satisfying intimacy life with your partner.

Your sex life can have a big impact on the rest of your marriage. Emotional intimacy grows as you and your partner share these physical moments. This can build a strong bond of trust between the two of you and may even strengthen monogamy.

Here are 8 reasons why intimacy in marriage can boost relationship satisfaction for the rest of your lives."

The Best Marriage Advice from Newlyweds

December 21, 2018

Newlyweds are usually the ones getting marriage advice, and for good reason – the longer we’re married, the more we realize the challenges that marriage brings and how to overcome them.  But there are some things un-newlyweds can learn from newlyweds, to remind them of the joys that can often fade as time passes by. Here is newlywed advice to get you started in your marriage!

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